Gres AIR


GammaStone’s large-format AIR porcelain gres panel is a high-tech product that meets all architectural designs while being a fundamental element of the interior. We use only high-quality porcelain.
The high-quality porcelain is a compact ceramic mass, hard and colored, obtained by sintering at temperatures of 1200-1400°C to non-porous and waterproof vitrification.

Porcelangres guarantees optimal resistance to scratches, abrasion, UV rays, stains, and mold.
Available sizes up to 3200×1500 mm and all sub-sizes obtained by cutting the standard sizes.

All GammStone Gres AIR panels can be customized according to the designer’s wishes.

The panel consists of an ultra-slim porcelain stoneware Gres panel, a structural core inserted between two glass fiber matting, and a stainless steel plate with a thickness of 0.5 mm.


The unique ability to make special monolithic elements ready for installation contributes to the undeniable success of GammaStone AIR panels worldwide.
They are the result of extensive investment in research and development for advanced solutions; a philosophy that contributes to the research and patenting of innovative building systems.

The elements such as corners, soffits, ceilings, columns, beams, etc. are completely assembled in our manufacturers’ laboratories and installed using extremely simple, common anchoring systems.
This system makes it possible to produce large and surprising light architectural geometric elements that are not feasible with traditional products.
All GammaStone AIR artifacts have a true monolithic appearance and allow architects to realize highly complex elements without neglecting the smallest details.