Partition Walls

The Gammastone AIR panel from our manufacturer, thanks to its technical characteristics and the prestige of the external materials, is ideal as a partition wall for partitions and furniture and as a ceiling to give an elegant design touch to the interior.

Gammastone AIR panel is the best solution on the market to realize finished walls made of natural stone or glass of any type and finish, or elegant and prestigious ceramics. Its lightness makes it comparable in weight to a traditional panel made of laminated chipboard material, and the stainless steel plate on the back makes it possible to attach the Gammastone AIR panel to traditional coupling devices for panels, such as Keku accessories or similar, simply by drilling through and inserting a threaded insert or directly to a rivet. Thickness also plays a decisive role: the Gammastone AIR panel (with a thickness of only 15 or 18 mm) can be used instead of the classic infill panels made of MDF or fiberboard.

Thanks to the extreme stability of the panels, the distance between them can be minimal, and there is no need to change the standard system. For aesthetic reasons, the edge of the panel can be painted to match the surface of the outer material of the panel. It gives the product a monolithic appearance and increases its aesthetic value.


Two or more AIR panels from Gammastone, in combination with a suitable substructure with guides and rails, can also form a sliding partition. It can have different surfaces depending on the interior spaces to be separated. The panels are anchored directly to vertical aluminum supports by the fastening systems.