Sun visors

The sun blinds are a crucial functional and aesthetic element of the facade cladding of the buildings.
They counteract the solar radiation inside the building, play a crucial role in energy saving and make it possible to reduce the bright glare of the building interiors, thus increasing the comfort of living.
The Gammastone AIR panel can be used to build a sunblind system with ceramic or stone as the exterior material, giving the building the same visual impact as the ventilated facades.

The sunblind systems are realized in collaboration with specialized companies in this sector and offer the guarantee on the final products, which include the structure, the motor and any integrated home automation system that the designer may prefer.
The structural system components (supports, tubes, swords and others) are sized according to the loads of each intervention and can be customized according to the needs of the designer.


The functions of GammaStone AIR panels cover many areas of the building envelope. Among them, they can be used for the construction of sunscreens, widely recommended to reduce the thermal load of interiors that are heavily exposed to solar radiation. In addition, today they form an architectural motif that can fully shape the aesthetics of the building.
The abundance of materials available, ranging from multicolored ceramics to natural stones of different origins, allows maximum architectural customization and promotes the optimal integration of the shades with the facades of the buildings in which they are installed.